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10% Off Brand New Italian Online Delicatessen | Delicatezza

Ok, so we hear a lot of “eating and sleeping is cheating” working in the world of music, but this is not a catchphrase we subscribe to. Good food and the right amount of energy only means you can rave harder and for longer, so next time you’re looking to fill the fuel tanks why not try out Delicatezza, London’s freshest online delicatessen; Delicatezza. In London there are endless possibilities for fine dining, fast food restaurants and take-away chains, but what happens when you want restaurant quality food delivered to your door? Where do you turn? Yes, you can order from the high-end supermarkets, but what if you want more? The weather is drawing in and I know that I certainly want nothing more than the comfort of my sofa and delicious food delivered to my door. Finally there is an answer, Delicatezza is London’s freshest online delicatessen for Italian food which has launched today. If you love fine dining and fresh food we might have just found you the answer.
Here at Concrete PR we were given the chance to have a sneak preview of what you could expect from Delicatezza. Being an Italian food lover my standards are high and it was going to take a lot to impress, let me not leave you in any suspense; the food was mouth watering. The website is where you start your journey www.delicatezza.co.uk has endless possibility of Italian delights from: filled pastas, non-filled egg pastas, fresh meals, pasta sauces, mozzarellas, sausages and cannoli.
Clean and easy to use, the website shows you all you need to know, the prices for such high-end food are more than reasonable and ironically on a parr with average supermarkets. The site also has a blog and video section which is ever growing to bring it all to life. I did say I am an Italian food lover, but if you know me you will know I love the basics, so my order consisted of Pomodoro sauce, Spaghetti alla Chitarra, mozzarella, which has already been awarded 1 Star at the Great Taste Awards 2013. Gourmet lasagne and Castel Speck (cured bacon).
Within a day of my order, the delivery was at my door in a whole foods style bag, and each item individually packed ready to be cooked. The package was similar to a Italian restaurant take out box which was lovely to have food differently packaged, separating it from the supermarket experience. All of the food was easy to cook and inparticular, the spaghetti was delicious, what I enjoyed from cooking the food alone, was that I could look back over the products that I had brought to check cooking instruction and ingredients on the website giving a basic but interactive feel.
Delicatezza bring the taste of Italy to your home with great service and simplicity we here at Concrete PR highly recommend trying the experience for yourself and to sweeten the deal you have a 10% discount code for Fashion Forensics readers, which is: LAUNCH-13