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12/7 The Great Vinyl Debate by Soundplate

We all know that the technological revolution has been in full swing for near on a decade now, if not longer – well Soundplate have organised the ultimate debate to take place on the holiest of vinyl related dates 12/7. With a pannel including some of the music industries most knowledgeable heads including: Clive Morgan of the Telegraph, Uncle Dugs, Sonny Wharton, Mark Wilson, James Lavelle, Peter Adediran and with more guests to be announced this debate looks like it’s set to ruffle some feathers.

The debate will be held at Google Campus in front of an invited audience  and will be streamed LIVE online. From 7.45pm industry opinion formers and DJs will talk about what vinyl really means to them and the music biz. Keep up to date with the rest of the news on this event by checking:  debate.soundplate.com

In an age where you can carry your record bag on a USB stick the size of a thumb nail it’s clear that vinyl will never be what is once in terms of dominance over the dance music scene but the Soundplate “12/7 The Great Vinyl Debate” aims to set facts straights and opinions fly to let you decide once and for all. Will it be #vinylRIP or #vinylrespect on the day, make sure you tune into the LIVE stream to find out. Click HERE to find out more.