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Brand Focus: AM Eyewear

AM Logo 520


Move over Ray Ban your time is up! After sponsoring the Soundplate awards party that we were involved with we thought it only right to show you a little more about what AM Sunglasses are all about. For me, sunglasses are rarely worn in England to combat sun rays due to the massive lack of actual sunshine and more often than not are only worn when on holiday or after leaving a club at stupid o’clock in the morning. Sunglasses are one of those things that are instantly either a “Yes” or  “No” thing with me in terms of style and fit and usually only one style per brand fits my visage, this is not the case with AM, with many option available it’s hard not to find at least a couple of styles that you like, i’ve recently acquired 3 pairs  of these hand made Italian beauties and my Ray Bans are now on Ebay.

AM Sunnies 1 520

AM Sunnies 3 520

AM Sunnies 4 520

AM Sunnies 5 520

With many styles to choose from and with a clear focus on the prescription market make sure you give them some close consideration this year. Each frame is individually hand-made for up to 14 hours using cutting edge materials sourced from around the globe. The evolution of each AM Eyewear frame continues well beyond the workshop. Once out of the box the Italian acetate frames mould to the wearers face – much in the same way as a bespoke pair of leather boots.

AM Side 1 520

AM Sides 3 520

AM Sides 2“People make these frames,” says Ponnusamy, the designer. “They are designed by hand, crafted by hand, polished by hand. They are packed by hand and they are only ever complete once you have worn them.”

AM Model 1 520

AM Eyewear is more than a fashion brand. They are an optics company who pride themselves on creating frames that take care of your eyes while also making them look their best. They don’t come cheap but this is reflected in the materials used for example the LYX Polyamide Nylon lenses. In order to achieve their “Military Grade” ranking, these lenses undergo extensive tests for durability and strength. They also hold a superior light reflective index. LYX lenses are lightweight, scratch, heat and chemical resistant and have a high UV protection rating, just what you want from a pair of sunglasses.

AM Optical 2 520

AM Optical 1 520

AM Optical 3 520

As I mentioned before, they don’t come cheap, but as someone once said to me; quality is cheaper in the long run. To find out more and if you’re interested in making a purchase then get in contact with Eye Respect who are representing the brand in the UK. I don’t normally back a product or brand unless i’m 100% convinced they come up with the goods, AM Eyewear does more this, they are better than good……