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News | Citinite | The new go-to source for nightlife in London

Citinite is a brand new App for iOS and Android phones, delivering a simple and fluid answer to your nightlife dilemmas.

From pubs and bars, live music and popups to the latest clubs and warehouse spaces, Citinite brings the whole of London’s nightlife to your fingertips all from one easily accessible place, whilst remaining effectively connected with the nights you’ll love and tuned in to a community of like-minded fans. Standing out from its competition, Citinite seeks to offer a more comprehensive eclectic and well-rounded selection, with a range of features exclusive to the app itself.

Using the latest innovative technology, Citinite uses pin point, precision mapping to fully integrate the user to their geographical surroundings. Working from a sleek and simple design, users can tailor their search to past or present events, the genre of music, venue type, atmosphere, price and location. With this information, users can integrate and become part of the Citinite community as the app intuitively delivers suggestions for venues and events based on your own customisable profile. And the system learns as you go, making sure what you see is always relevant.

With Citinite keeping the London nightlife community close to it’s heart, the app is also beneficial to venues and promoters, who can interact with their subscribers in a number of ways and even target users in the local area whose preferences align with theirs. Not only enabling every Londoner to fully tailor their perfect night out, Citinite bridges the gap between promoters and patrons, allowing promoters to reach their ideal audience in a whole new way.

Download the app now at Citinite.co


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