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News | East London Juice Co. | BOXPARK Location Now Open!

East London Juice Co. have just opened at their brand new location in Unit 35 of Shoreditch’s BOXPARK pop-up mall.


East London Juice Company make cold-pressed juices from fresh, organic produce that’s sourced locally whenever possible. They don’t add water or sugar, so the juice is deliciously intact with all of the enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that your body needs.


Their menu includes juices with a range of flavours and ingredients; from sweet fruits and nuts to zingy herbs and vegetables. Original juice blends vary from Live Aquatic, a mix of turnip, carrot, apple, spinach, parsley, lemon, mint and algae, to the refreshing and hydrating pineapple-&-mint-infused Killer Sunrise, via A Chocolate One, containing almonds, cashews, kale and raw cacao.


What makes ELJC unique in the industry is that they are anti-diet and anti-cleanse. This is to say that they promote simple, healthy, balanced and nourishing fuel for daily life, rather than encouraging you to starve yourself of specific food groups by undertaking fad diets or eating regimes.

In their own words:

“Our “Anti-Cleanses” adapt to your everyday life. We believe a cleanse should never be about starving your body or depriving it of balanced nutrition. Instead of restricting you for days at a time and claiming that we guarantee weight loss (of course you’re going to lose weight – you’re STARVING yourself!), we provide balanced and nutritionally-pumped juices that are all about FEEDING your body the best ingredients so that it can do its job: absorb the good fats, proteins and minerals you need to thrive, while flushing out the stuff you don’t.”


ELJC are currently using kickstarter to try and raise £7,500 towards their new shop build (using reclaimed materials), stock in organic and fair-trade supplements, environmental packaging and their first month’s rent. They’re offering a wide range of rewards for pledgers, from free juices to 3-night Summer getaways!

The video below gives some more info, with a great insight into East London Juice’s brand philosophy and the ethics behind them.

Check out the East London Juice Co. kickstarter page to pledge, and to find info & ingredients on individual juices, brand ethos, rewards and more.

The beautiful little shop can be found at Unit 35 of Boxpark – give them a visit soon!



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