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News | Sign the E-petition to Protect UK Venues from Noise Complaints

An e-petition proposing mandatory noise complaint waivers for anyone who buys or rents a property within close distance of a music venue has gathered more than 38,000 signatures at the time of writing.


Started by Aidan James Stevens, the petition aims to combat the ever-more-frequent problems between local councils and venues both big and small, resulting in mounting tensions, revocation of licenses and in the worst cases the closure of much-loved & historic venues.

Aidan’s petition highlights the growing frustrations due to people knowingly moving within close proximity of live music venues, only to try to have their licenses revoked or have them closed completely when they take exception to the noise.

The petition’s gained support from labels and DJs across the board of electronic music, with Deviation, Digital Soundboy, Exit Records, Hessle Audio and Hospital Records just a few of the labels sharing the campaign with their fan-bases.

Earlier on this year the iconic Ministry of Sound club was threatened with closure, whilst many big clubs have experienced problems of this nature both up and down the country, not to mention the dozens of smaller venues that have been shut down.

British Citizens or UK residents add your signature to the e-petition here: http://bit.ly/1FNVir4