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News | The Rave Story | 3 Day Gallery, seminar & record store | 24-26 Feb

From 24-26 February at Club Aquarium, TheRaveStory‬ Art Gallery & Pop Up Old Skool Record store will celebrate rave culture with a series of talks, seminars, exhibits and more.

With FREE entry from 11am to 6pm each day, the show will capture the creativity of the early rave scene with original paintings from Pez, Junior Tomlin, Kaos and Samantha Williams alongside flyers, unseen photography, memorabilia and pop up record store provided by Jerome hill and Dan Jay. This is a chance to hang out with various DJs all day in between seminars and talks with some of the most influential nfluential characters of the 88 to 92 rave scene.

The Rave Story culminates in an all nigh rave, taking place Friday 11pm to 7am and featuring some of the most talented artists from the old skool scene.

Seminars have been curated by Billy Daniel Bunter and will be chaired by Uncle Dugs. Taking place 7pm to 11pm each evening they include licenced bar and rave themed menu and cocktails.

Wednesday Seminar – Original Warehouse Stories
* Paul Ibiza * Joe Labrynth * Wayne Anthony – Genesis * Grooverider * Fabio * Richard Raindance * Paul Black Box

Thursday Seminar – The Most Influential Pirate Radio Pioneers / Book Signing
* Eastman * Brockie * Funky Flirt * Warlock * Alan – Demolition Crew (Eruption FM) * Daz Cyndicut FM * Uncle Dugs * Kid Jay

All day Thursday the authors of the following books will be around for a catch up, to sign your existing copies, or you can pick up fresh copies from the authors in person and get them signed.

Class Of 88 – Wayne Anthony
Rave Art – Chelsea Louise Berlin
Dirty – Flux
All Crew – Brian Belle Fortune
The Love Dove Generation – Billy Daniel Bunter

Friday Seminar – The Artists Who Inspired So Many
* Rat Pack (Lipmaster Mark & Evenson Alan) * Micky Finn * Slipmatt * Jumping Jack Frost * Mark Archer (Altern 8) * Billy Daniel Bunter * Mike Slammer & Red Alert * Ray Keith

The Rave Story All Night Party (11PM til 7AM Friday)

* Rat Pack
* Altern 8
* Jumping Jack Frost
* Slipmatt
* Billy Daniel Bunter
* Uncle Dugs
* Vinyl Vera
* Swifty Habla
* Joey G

Hosts Wicked & Strict.

Tickets for all seminars and the Friday night party can be purchased here.