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Ones2Watch Mix | I Killed Kenny

This weeks Ones2Watch mix courtesy of the Urban Nerds comes from I Killed Kenny. The pair have already received massive support and dropped guestmixes for the likes of Radio 1, 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Kiss FM, Choice FM, XFM, BBC Introducing, BBC Asian Network & many others. This up and coming duo from Dartford, Kent at the moment, who fuse together the most energetic strands of House, Grime, and Garage, ranging from 130-140BPM. Their debut Leeches EP came on Four40 Records at the end of 2011, featuring London-based grime head Koder, a single which earned them huge praise from Rinse FMs Sian, and one that set them up for big things to come.

What have you been up to as of late?

We’ve been busy polishing off a bunch of fresh material for our next EP on Four 40 Records as well as some remixes for labels such as Speakerbox & Tumble Audio; we’ve also recently started a show on Nasty FM alongside our pal Nomis – that’s on Monday night’s 8-10pm.

Whats your favourite track at the moment?

100 percent it’s gotta be Royal-T – I Know You Want Me. It’s been in every set over the summer and it’s a certified reload each and every.

What music was played in your house when you were growing up?

Anything & everything, pretty much – I guess like most kids growing up in the 90s we were exposed to so many different sounds that’s it’s hard to distinguish what’s truly influenced us from that period. My dad used to work for a national radio station back in the day so he had loads of R&B and Hip-Hop promos scattered around the house – I took that for granted at the time.

Who are your inspirations in music?

I think with the recent stuff we’re making it’s quite evident that we’re drawing on inspiration from acts like My Nu Leng, Mak & Pasteman, Taiki & Nulight and Last Japan etc…

Whose sets do you like to catch at a rave or on radio?

Obviously EZ – he is the don! We’ve played alongside Spooky a couple of times and it’s just embarrassing to go on after him ’cause he’s on a completely different level to everyone else. As for radio, we both listen to Rinse on the regular, always like to catch-up with the Swamp 81, Roska, Marcus Nasty & Butterz shows.

Whats been the highlight for you so far?

There’s been so many memorable occasions but the past year has been sick. The definite highlight was closing The Temple at Glastonbury on Friday night/Saturday morning. Nearly 6am, the sun had completely risen and the crowd was at capacity – it was the most surreal experience, I really hope we get invited back next year! Big up all the Vagabondz crew for that!

Top 3 artists to watch?

Pretty difficult to choose but… Hostile Dub, Suck Fake, Draig Cavid

What are your favourite past times outside of music?

It’s gonna sound pretty lame, and a bit of a cliche, but the industry does pretty dominate our lives. We’re both in our final year at uni – Barni studies Music Tech & I’m on Music Business.

One thing that nobody knows about you?

Barni is Greek

Whats your biggest fuck up/embarrassing moment?

Well, about 18 months ago we had a gig in Glasgow, before leaving London we popped in to pub at the station for a pint. I specificallymade a point to everyone about not losing the train tickets – halfway up to Scotland I realised that I no longer possessed the tickets for return journey. I guess I must have left them on the pub table, the worst part is that we ended up having to get a Megabus back to London the next morning on about 3 hours sleep – 12 hours on the back of a cramped coach is not living the dream.

4 things you always carry on you?

Phone, wallet, keys, watch – but in all honesty I can’t be trusted with anything so my gf looks after all of it.

Top 3 guilty pleasures

Final Fantasy 7,8 & 9. Listening to copious amounts of Drake. Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell.

Any other AKA’s?

Sometimes Sean DJs as Byker Groove for jokes – it’s just sort of an anything goes alias when spontaneous sets become available…

Whats next in the pipeline for you?

Getting the new  ’Militant EP’ out there ASAP – we’re hoping for an October release. That’s our main priority right now but various remixes and freebies will be dropping in the meantime.

I Killed Kenny – Urban Nerds #Ones2Watch Mix by Urban Nerds on Mixcloud

Full Track List:

Hostage – Nowhere To hide
JTB – Goose & Gander (Suck Fake Remix)
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – The Way To Do It
Woz – Feel
My Nu Leng & Taiki & Nulight – Levels
MJ Cole – Blood
Hostile Dub – Sendout
Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens
Last Japan – Float
DECiBEL – WOT (I Killed Kenny Remix)
Roska – Changed ft. C4
Wookie – The Hype ft. Eliza (Dub Mix)
I Killed Kenny – Nobody
Moony – Riptide (Dub Mix)
Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew (Moony Remix)
Skelecta – Speed Demon
I Killed Kenny – Gimme That
Dr. Dre & Eminem – Forgot About Dre
Royal-T – I Know You Want Me
Wiley – Flying
I Killed Kenny – Highwind
DJ Spookz – Fate
Hectic – The Wall Tribe
I Killed Kenny – Filomena
Spooky – Unchained Slaves
Jay-Z & UGK – Big Pimpin’

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