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Save The Dolphin | Hackney

No, this isn’t a campaign led by David Bellamy and the World Wildlife Fund as you first may think, this is a petition to save one of East London’s most iconic drinking institutions. Those of you who have heard of the Dolphin or have ever set foot into the premises will understand why this petition needs to be taken seriously – having provided drinkers in Hackney with a late night drinking option for over 150 years this truly unique establishment is facing closure from the council next month. They are not giving up without a fight rock and pop group The Otherness will be playing a number of events there to raise awareness and spread support for the petition. We don’t really have to say anything else other than “where do I sign” well that’s easy, click HERE to sign the petition and show your support. Check out the Dolphin’s website by clicking HERE.

The Dolphin


Show support on Twitter by clicking HERE / #SaveTheDolphin