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SubPac transfers low frequencies directly to your body, providing you with a new physical dimension to the music experience.

Feel the boom of a kick drum, the warmth of an 808, the organic expression of a bassist and the richness of soundscapes – transporting you to a club or festival experience in the comfort of your own home, studio, or wherever you go. Experience intense bass without damaging your hearing through a combination of tactile speaker technology, polymers and electronics in a light, compact product.


With either the M2 (wearable) or S2 (seatback) model, your music and media come to life with the added dimension of physical bass. Used by music professionals, gaming & VR enthusiasts and bass lovers alike, this groundbreaking technology has everyone from Fatboy Slim, Mala, Kode9, Richie Hawtin, Scientist, The Gaslamp Killer and Timbaland taking the next step in sub-bass.

Check the SubPac website for more info & pricing, and have a look at what some of music’s biggest names thought of Subpac below.


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