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Trap Magazine Issue 14 | Out Now

We’ve had our eye on Trap magazine since its first edition some 3 years ago now and we’ve watched it go from strength to strength and it has to be say for a printed publication to be keeping its head above water in this day and age they must be doing something right. With its finger firmly on the pulse where underground music meets fashion, Trap has always been one step ahead of the game where musical trends are concerned. In a handy portable A5 size Trap now boasts 84 pages of musical and fashion goodness and what’s more it’s avaialable to read online at a click of a button. Issue 14 includes news and interviews with Alix Perez, Goldie & Stussy, Bicep, French Fries, Chunky, Foundation and a lot more. Also make sure you check out and listen to the newly established mixtape series, now on volume 4 with the latest offering from the man like Dbridge. All in all you can’t go wrong with Trap magazine, also make sure you check out page 22 which features Foundation and their 10 tunes that influenced them in the “Going In Deep” section, read the whole magazine online by clicking here.
TRAP Issue 14
Foundation - Trap