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Urban Nerds Mix Of The Week | Tom Shorterz

If you’ve haven’t seen or heard about the fact that jackin house is blowing up right about now then we’re not sure where you’ve been hiding. None comes better than Birmingham rising star Tom Shorterz. We like to let the music do the talking so make sure you get this on the download and turn it up nice and load – treat yourself. The Urban Nerds have been running this weekly series for a while now and this is one of our favourites. Also check out the interview with the man himself to find out a little bit more.
What has Tom Shorterz been up to as of late?

I’ve been really busy in my home town Birmingham running event called 02.31 after-party , and 10.31 we been putting on some monster parties. Also just got my own radio show on Rinse FM along side fellow friends Cause & Affect , we drive down ever wednesday 1-3am then round things up on the Brick Lane Bagel shop. Apart from that knock door run is making a come back just gotta keep my self busy.

How did your name come about?

From School days , my older brother was very tall for his age so he got the nick name Longers , as his younger brother they called me Shorters , The Z just looks cool .

Whats your favourite track at the moment?

Caserta – Change your mind (Scott Diaz Mix) can play it anywhere , any time it works I love it .

What is your favourite track of all time?

Federal Hill ft. Tiffany Marshell – Give Me What You got (StoneBridge mix)

OR illja Rudman – What Am I Gonna Do

What was the first Vinyl you ever bought?

I brought a hand full of records off my brother in there was , Mr Vegas – The Birmingham Crew , Outlander – The Vamp , Run & Green – Everybody get the groove on.

What music was played in your house when you were growing up?

I remember Nirvana and Simply Red , Jungle Mania compilation on cassette I borrowed I was 9 at time still remember M-beat – Sweet Love , but remember playing the death out of The Fugees The Score when I was about 11

Who are your inspirations in music?

There are too many to mention , It’s a tough question, I respect the likes Glen Aston & Andy Chambers (Local legends) as they was the DJs I remember listening to on Pirate Radio and got me into more underground music , but inspiring me I think every bit of music I like does that in some form or another.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Anthill Mob – Would love to track them down it’s a bit of a mystery who they are so be nice there sound is trademark , on a more modern tip I think Hector Couto or Joy O

Whose sets do you like to catch at a rave or on radio?

In a rave there so many Redlight on a bass type with out fail , house vibes love Dyed , Ghencia and Adam Shelton .

Whats been the highlight for you so far?

Would say when me and Hannah Wants played b2b to about 4000 people at Annie Mac presents that was frigging nuts

Top 3 artists to watch?

Cause & Affect , Woz , Scott Diaz

What does Shorterz like to drink?

Sailor Jerry’s , Lemonade dash of lime

What are your favourite past times outside of music?

LOVE a good Car Boot say no more.

One thing that nobody knows about you?

I survived an earthquake

5 things you always carry on you?

Phone , Keys , Money , library card , out of date condom

Whats your biggest fuck up/embarrassing moment?

Getting caught swapping price tags in TK Max , prob the lowest point of my life , I had money on me just been a cheap skate. Cautioned . LOW lol

Top 3 guilty pleasures

Speed Garage


Pitta bread & Chips (No Sauce)

Any other AKA’s?


If you were on death row what would your last meal be?

A propa party meal , Pizza , Curly fries , nachos , side salad , coleslaw , dips

Whats next in the pipeline for you?

Got a remix coming out of Hot Natured’s ‘Reverse Sky Diving’ , keep putting on parties with the 02.31 / 10.31 brand in unique spaces as well as our home The Rainbow venues of course.

For more from Shorterz check out his SoundcloudFacebook & Twitter

Shorterz – Urban Nerds Mix Of The Week by Urban Nerds on Mixcloud

Full Track List:

1. De$ignated – Valentine ft Kyiki (AppleBottom Remix)
2. La Penna – My Pussy
3. CMOTB (Woz Remix)
4. Hot Natured ft. Annabel England – Reverse Sky Diving (Tom Shorterz Remix)
5. Matt Huges & Billy Baylis – Third World
6. Cause & Affect – Hold It Down
7. S-Ample – Right Here
8. La Babar & Pat Lezizmo – Another Love (Scott Diaz Remix)
9. Gorgon City – Intentions
10. Rob Mirage – Culture 101 (Hector Couto Remix)
11. Burkie –  Wanna Let It Go
12. Low Steppa – Don’t Stop
13. Jon Dimas – Over Think
14. DevelopMENT – Bring Me Alive
15. Kry Wolf – Concrete (Woz Remix)
16.Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Kneadin’
17. Hybrid Theory – So High
18. French Fries – Everything
19. Cool Notes – You’re Never Too Young (OUTRO)