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Artist Exhibition | Will Impey

We love to recognise real talent here at Concrete PR and none comes more real than what is represented by Any Surface. The man behind the skills is artist and graffiti writer Will Impey. Will is not your average graffiti artist though, this man truly has a unique skill that sets his work apart from many others in his field. Having recently launched his own web site we thought it was only right to see what he’s been up to over the past year and to shed some light on his work. He’s going to be displaying his work at 39 Great Windmill Street


Will Impey

Will has some serious skill and no wall is too large for this man to add his artistic flare to, having worked for a number of clients both private and corporate he has exhibited at the Saatchi head office and been commissioned to create work for Nike, BBC, Glastonbury and Converse to name but a few. As well as creating bespoke pieces of art for corporate clients and art galleries he has adapted his hand to producing stunning pieces for a number of high profile private customers as well.

They say that an image says a thousand words so have a little look below at some of his work and if you’d like to find out more then head to his website by clicking here or follow the updates on his Facebook by clicking here. Whether your running a pub, festival or gallery that needs some fresh artwork, or if just want something bespoke for your own house then look no further, Will Impey is your man for the job and comes highly recommended from Concrete PR. Will Impey, Concrete PR salutes you, keep up the good work.