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#NowHearThis: Innerground 100

New from Innerground Records, the South-American based label co-founded by the legendary DJ Marky, comes the highly anticipated forthcoming album and the label’s 100th release: Innerground 100. This album includes some of the most sought-after and respected artists in Drum & Bass, including Marky himself, Random Movement, Alibi, Collette Warren, Paul SG, Pola & Bryson and more – the album draws inspiration from the past 18 years of Innerground’s vast history and impact on the Drum & Bass movement, and the signature Latin influences of DJ Marky that have brought excitement and vitality to stages around the globe. Released on Friday the 5th November 2021.


Stand out track: Guilty Pleasures by Saikon. The soulful and catchy vocals followed by the rolling and atmospheric bassline are an unmatched pairing. Definitely, something that is a product of Marky’s curated vision.


Available on all digital platforms & vinyl here!