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News | NikeLab Presents ACG: Full Reveal | 18th December

Following their teaser trailer last week, Nike now unveil the modern incarnation of their much-loved ACG line. Newly christened NikeLab ACG, the brand will deliver sport utility for the city in 2014 with a range of outerwear, footwear and portable storage.


With a debut collection designed to meet the demands for mobility and weather protection in any urban setting, ACG makes use of innovative materials including Nike Dri-FIT wool, Nike Tech Fleece & Nike Flyknit in a unification of style and practical technology.


Led by Acronym co-founder Errolson Hugh, the design team broke new ground by developing the fit of the apparel based on the stance of an athlete, rather than that of a straight-limbed static posture. They managed to do this whilst keeping the garments sleek, smart and appropriate for the city.

He explains:

“Specifically looking at athletes, there’s a stance that’s universal to all sports. In martial arts it’s often called the ‘ready’ or ‘neutral’ stance, and it’s a precursor to just about any type of movement,” says Hugh, a martial arts enthusiast. “Your center of gravity is neutral, but it’s dropped. Your ankles, knees and elbows are bent. You’re in a kind of half-crouch, but you’re looking forwards. Readiness is physically encoded into the silhouette of the collection. We call it the all conditions fit because it suggests the ability to transition to any movement and to any situation.”


With pieces like the NikeLab ACG 2 in 1 Men’s Jacket, the team sought to create products that could easily adapt to the many different settings found in a modern city. For example, you can easily remove or add the outer shell when switching from exposed and windy streets to crowded and humid subways.


The NikeLab ACG LunarTerra Arktos boots and NikeLab ACG Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB are the first two footwear models to be released as part of the ACG debut.


The NikeLab ACG collection is available beginning December 18th at NikeLab 1948 London & NikeLab DSM LDN, as well as online at nike.com/nikelab.

Read up more on NikeLab ACG here, and preview the entire collection in detail on the Nike webstore.


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