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Urban Nerds Mix Of The Week | Hatcha (Garage mix) | Download

Each week we will be providing content from some of our media partners and clients. The Urban Nerds have been promoting since 2007 and have been responsible for bringing the capital some of the most innovate line-ups combined with the freshest venue concepts. This week their mix of the week offering has come from a veteran in the dubstep scene, DJ Hatcha, who has provided a mix of classic garage goodness, perfect for the Summer – if it ever arrives. So download and enjoy and check out the accompanying interview and we’ll see you here same time next week. To find out more about Urban Nerds click here.

What has Hatcha been up to as of late?

been busy as always running the SinCity label with N-Type & also my new label Hatched along with touring the States, doing my UK gigs and keeping the radio show on Kiss running fresh & strong.

How did your name come about?

Hatcha came from the film Marked For Death that I was watching when I was about 12 lol

Whats your favourite track at the moment?

Couldn’t tell ya got so many goodies in the bag at the moment would be hard to say.

What is your favourite track of all time?

Fat Freddies Drop – Mala or Classic Delux – Horsepower

What was the first Vinyl you ever bought?

Some old House thing on Mood2Swing

What music was played in your house when you were growing up?

Old House & Jungle

Whose sets do you like to catch at a rave or on radio?

Jumping Jack Frost, Randall, Plastician, EZ, Ed Rush, Rattus Rattus

Whats been the highlight for you so far?

There has been so many for the SinCity to be fair, it’s been a top year

Top 3 artists to watch?

Cato, Genetix, Subzee.D

What does Hatcha like to drink?


One thing that nobody knows about you?

I have 6 toes

5 things you always carry on you?

Swiss army knife, Apple, Compass, a badger & a horse

Top 3 guilty pleasures?

PS3, call of duty, take anyone out the game lol, fishing, mowing the lawn

If you were on death row what would your last meal be?

Seafood paella

Whats next in the pipeline for you?

World domination of course!